Expo Seventy up for pre-orders

We are thrilled to announce Expo Seventy America Here & Now Sessions! This amazing release is now up for pre-orders. On gorgeous and carefully crafted unique editions: LP (Black and Gold vinyl / Red and Brown packs), CD and a (very) Special Edition.

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Nadja out now

Sv, Nadja’s much anticipated new album is out now – on CD and handmade Boxset editions! The amazing Queller is also finally back as a second edition on CD – with slightly modified and expanded artwork.

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Troum & raison d’être and Merzbow

We are back from another long season cooking two sets of beautifully elaborated releases! The dream-come-true Troum & raison d’être …

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Expo Seventy and Up-Tight

Expo Seventy’s fantastic slab of cosmic-doom explorations and the explosive Japanese basement psychedelic sounds from Up-Tight are out now! On exquisitely crafted CD and Boxset editions.

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Opening the cosmic third eyes

We had great fun and crazy times working on the Expo Seventy Virtually From The Unknown and Up-Tight The Night Is Yours boxset editions. The process was long and time consuming, as always, but we are extremely happy with the final pieces.

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