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Expo Seventy up for pre-orders

We are thrilled to announce Expo Seventy America Here & Now Sessions! This amazing release is now up for pre-orders. On gorgeous and carefully crafted unique editions: LP (Black and Gold vinyl / Red and Brown packs), CD and a (very) Special Edition.

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Nadja out now

Sv, Nadja’s much anticipated new album is out now – on CD and handmade Boxset editions! The amazing Queller is also finally back as a second edition on CD – with slightly modified and expanded artwork.

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Troum & raison d’être and Merzbow

We are back from another long season cooking two sets of beautifully elaborated releases! The dream-come-true Troum & raison d’être …

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Expo Seventy and Up-Tight

Expo Seventy’s fantastic slab of cosmic-doom explorations and the explosive Japanese basement psychedelic sounds from Up-Tight are out now! On exquisitely crafted CD and Boxset editions.

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Queller officially released

The good moments of a memorable Nadja South American tour (adventure?) are now gone and Queller is officially released worldwide. Limited editions on both vinyl and CD with our handmade treatments are available for consumption now!

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