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The third Nadja installment for Essence Music and a much anticipated contrasting follow-up to the dreamgaze masterpiece “Queller”.

Sv or ‘Sievert’ in full – an unit measuring ionizing radiation in human tissue – was originally composed to be performed at a pair of festivals in Berlin – one with a theme of apocalypse and armageddon, the other an outdoor rave under an expressway on-ramp.

Comprised of a long, single 42 minute composition, the album combines Nadja’s layered, textural noise with polyrhythmic drum patterns that, in their structure, approach industrial that might almost be danceable. Pounding, punishing machinelike hypnotic pulses, harsh cymbals and caustic textures grow together and collide in a massive metallic maelstrom of piercing doom-dirge heaviness. A surprising, yet rewarding departure from your typical Nadja dose of slow-blooming, nuanced ambient guitar constructions.

Lavishly assembled in a mini-LP sized custom 6-panel digisleeve packaging with gorgeous artwork by Seldon Hunt and mastering by James Plotkin.

Also released as a Boxset edition.

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Nadja is a Canadian duo made up of Aidan Baker (guitar, vocals, drum machines) and Leah Buckareff (bass, accordion, vocals) alternately based in Toronto and Berlin. Originally began as a solo project …